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Bluey Balloon Party Decor

Bluey Balloon Party Decor

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Enjoy this Bluey Foil Balloon Pack at your next celebration or give as a gift.  Mum and Dad approved.

Pack Includes:

(1) 24" Bluey Foil Balloon Shape (Licensed)
(1) 18" Bluey and Bingo Round Balloon (Licensed)
(2) 11" Paw Latex Balloons

(1) 18" Baby Blue  Foil Heart

(1) 18" Orange Foil Heart

-Balloons ship flat.

-Can be inflated with helium to float or with a balloon air pump.

-Self-sealing valve prevents helium/air from escaping after it's inflated.

-Adult supervision suggested. Keep un-inflated balloons away from children and pets.

-Protect wildlife by not releasing into the air and disposing properly.

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